Setting up your SextPanther model profile

Now that you have gone through your onboarding we will walk you through setting up your model profile. Setting up your model profile is extremely user friendly, but we have provided a guide and some simple suggestions below.

Setting your profile picture

High resolution, racy, non-nude photos that include your face are always helpful in gaining new potential clients. Low resolution selfies, full nudity, and Snapchat filtered photos are not recommended as it could devalue your profile and drive potential customers away.

Creating your biography

Creating a short yet informative biography that compliments your profile picture can really set the tone from the beginning with your new clients. Be sure to compose your biography in a friendly and welcoming tone as first impressions are crucial with new clients. It is important to include information such as your kinks, fetishes, and roleplay specialties so clients know what to expect when they add you as a contact. One thing to avoid including is links to outside platforms and services as this could potentially be off putting to your clients.

Your profile is now complete

Your profile has been completed. Be sure to double check that all information is correct as your profile sets the tone with your new clients. If you have any questions when setting up your profile feel free to reach out to

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