Creating your SextPanther Introduction Video

At SextPanther, we are constantly looking for new ways to add to the all around experience for both the model and the user. With that being said, recently we have added the option to upload an Introduction Video to your profile, as a way to enhance the authenticity for potential new clients. Now when a user visits your profile, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself, and in doing so, also verify that it is really you they are interacting with. That added confidence given to the user will lead to a much higher percentage of return customers for models who utilize this feature properly. Today, we would like to discuss a few quick tips on how to make the most of your SextPanther Introduction Video.

  1. Keep in mind you are now speaking directly to a potential new regular. Greet and welcome them to your SextPanther profile, so they know you are who you say you are.

  2. This could be the first time they are hearing your voice, and is a great opportunity for you to showcase what they can experience over the phone as well as video calls and messages, and audio messages. So be sure to show off your voice, and keep the video warm and inviting.

  3. Keep your video short and to the point. Greet them, show them that it’s really you, and let them know some of what to expect.

Video Approaches

If you keep those pointers in mind, we are confident that you will see an increase in activity, and client retention. To the other side of that, we would like to cover a few approaches to avoid when making your SextPanther Introduction Video.

  1. Try not to use any video filters, as they tend to detract from the legitimacy of the video.

  2. We would not recommend uploading videos that you are using across other social media platforms. The user will be apprehensive if they watch a video and realize they have seen it somewhere else. A good way to keep it specific is to mention the site when welcoming the potential client.

  3. Avoid sending users outside of the site. A user watching your video is likely logged in and ready, with SextPanther credits in hand.

Example Script:

"Hey it’s <name>! Welcome to my SextPanther profile. I can’t wait to connect with you. I love chatting about <interests, fetishes, etc>. Feel free to <text,call, video> me"

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